FamilyFlow® Yoga was founded by 2 yoga instructor Moms from Oak Park and River Forest, IL. Recognizing how yoga has improved their own health and wellness, they teamed up to meet the needs of our community.

Adrienne Smith & Laurie Solberg began teaching at a local yoga studio and soon after were recruited by Annie Dwyer and Maureen Spielman to create after school yoga programs in both River Forest Public Elementary Schools. Adrienne & Laurie host a weekly Wellness Hour with Roosevelt Middle School and monthly workshops around the Chicago suburbs.

Our Methodology

FamilyFlow® Yoga provides skills to encompass the mind-body connection and support self empowerment and self-awareness within our students and ourselves.

Adrienne & Laurie teach their students that yoga utilizes our innate strengths and strengths in training to better prepare ourselves for how we show up day in and day out. By integrating yoga and mindfulness-based activities, we engage the whole child to move from a state of dysregulation to inspiration.

Mindful Breathing

Pranayama, our life force energy, rides the waves of our breath. When you’re sleepy, your breathing patterns begin to soften. When you’ve just crossed the finish line in a race, your breathing patterns are racing right along with you! Mindful breathing is awareness of the natural rhythm of your breath. It’s also the moment-to-moment interpretation of how your breath can be the conduit of your response to the world.

Whether it’s your first yoga class or your 1000th, leaving your doubts and illusions at the studio door can be a struggle. FamilyFlow® Yoga’s mission is to approach our practice as a time to explore our creativity, connection with ourselves and our communities. Adrienne and Laurie guide their students to listen to their instincts and regulate your reactions with a kind, joyful heart.

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